Tuesday, August 17. 2004

Anarchy Online Hell is looking for a few skilled people.

Posted by M. 'Suely' Pfänner for the AO Hell News Department (04:52) [#285]
AO Hell are current looking for new members.
Please check this page for more infomations.

Best regards
M. "Suely" Pfänner
AO Hell Manager.

Thursday, February 03. 2005

Final Part of our Interview with Znore

Posted by Marian 'Fyrn' R. for the AO Hell News Department (07:16) [#301]
We have just added the final part of our interview with Morten "Znore" Byom for your reading pleasure.

Quote (Znore)

We will start adding more content to SL starting in an upcoming patch increasing the player’s abilities to gain levels through other means than hecklers. There are other means to leveling now and creatures that give the same experience as Hecklers, but the hecklers are easy to get to and thus a popular target for those that wish to “speed level”. No one is forced to look at rocks and hecklers all day as is, they choose to. I think it’s important to make this distinction.

Check it out, and make sure you also enter the contest for Concept Art!
Wednesday, February 02. 2005

We boost off into 2005 with two goodies

Posted by Marian 'Fyrn' R. for the AO Hell News Department (06:24) [#300]
True, it's been quiet around AO Hell, but surely not around Anarchy Online. We get you two very nice goodies for a nice start into 2005:

First part of two of our first sights on 2005 with Morten Byom, New Game Director for Anarchy Online

We will try to grab most of the key team members over at Funcom to get the most valueable answers for the course of Anarchy Online in 2005, watch out!

But now there is something for you to grab, as well:
Win one of two High Quality Concept Art Prints signed and drawn by new Art Director Stian Dahlsett!

Nuff said, for now. Remember, if you want to help us, especially with Anarchy Online Hell: Join us! Lots and lots of goodness awaits you.
Friday, January 14. 2005

Anarchy Online extends free accounts all through 2006

Posted by 'Myrmidon' for the Department (16:18) [#299]
Well, read if for yourself.

Quote (anarchyonline.com)

Funcom announces that the free Anarchy Online offer has been a tremendous success and will be fully extended throughout all of 2005 and into 2006. Anarchy Online now has more users than ever before, and the player feedback about the experience Funcom is offering has been fantastic. The game is setting records on an ongoing basis, with more active players now than seen in the month of launch more than 3,5 years ago.

Good stuff, people. Keep joining, going, and playing this great game! Now, apparently, there are more players then ever, which is absolutly great for this game, lets hope it gives reasons for the devs to work a little harder, as if they aren't already doing that!
Wednesday, December 29. 2004

"Patch 15.8" Brings out Playfields for Aliens?

Posted by Christopher 'Blueraider' Christopher for the Department (22:10) Read More... | [#298]
You heard me right people when Patchs 15.8 comes out in the near future there will be aliens along with it in a new playfield

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Thursday, December 16. 2004

AO becomes free?

Posted by Christiaan 'Calendir' G. for the Funcom News Department (17:51) Read More... | [#297]
Funcom announces that Anarchy Online will be the first major western live MMO without a subscription fee. In a unique move Funcom is removing all cost barriers in the ultimate sci-fi MMORPG, allowing all new players to enter and stay, free of cost! At the same time Funcom is departing from the obligatory need to register with a credit card, making for an easier entrance and registration process.

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Thursday, December 02. 2004

Storyline Poll on AO Vault

Posted by Marian 'Fyrn' R. for the Community News Department (19:09) [#296]
The Anarchy Online Vault has a poll up about the storyline of Anarchy Online. Options available are:

Option 01: Only story I've seen is in forums and a few webpages.
Option 02: I've very rarely seen official events.
Option 03: Only events I've participated were run by players.
Option 04: I've never seen an in-game event.
Option 05: I have no interest in the storyline.
Option 06: I'm content with the player run events.
Option 07: I'd like to see official events I can be a part of.
Option 08: The story is delivered to us regularly through in-game events.

Get voting!
Friday, November 12. 2004

New Game Director and Graphics Upgrade announced

Posted by Marian 'Fyrn' R. for the Official News Department (00:53) [#295]
That's right, yesterdays rumors were indeed true :) Funcom today announced a new Game Director for Anarchy Online: Morten Byom, and a substantial upgrade to their graphics engine (namely textures, and player models).
We have added a set of screenshots and comparison images to our Alien Invasion Gallery. Check them out! And be sure to check out the 21 Day Trial on Gamers Hell if you want to try the game right now.
These upgrades are not in yet, though. But the look alone adds to the already existing 971972+infinity reasons to play Anarchy Online - go for it!
Wednesday, November 10. 2004

Green Gras? New Funcom Rumors

Posted by Marian 'Fyrn' R. for the Rumors Department (19:51) [#294]
Remember the little leet that looked like a dog, that was spread while before Alien Invasion was announced? Well, it obviously hinted the leet pets. Now we just received this image from an anonymous party. Apparently it is showing a HEAVY texture/graphics upgrade.

Voices from the veil whisper: expect something tomorrow.
Sunday, November 07. 2004

14 day full version of Anarchy Online now for free

Posted by Christopher 'Blueraider' Christopher for the Funcom News Department (15:56) Read More... | [#293]
Funcom announces a new pricing model for Anarchy Online with a free full version of the heralded MMORPG to all new players. Funcom is at the same time also extending the included tryout period for Anarchy Online from 7 to 14 days, giving newcomers a chance to evaluate the unique depth and entire range of qualities in the ultimate sci-fi MMORPG.

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Wednesday, November 03. 2004

Free 21-Day Trial

Posted by Marian 'Fyrn' R. for the AO Hell News Department (16:35) Read More... | [#292]
GamersHell.com and Funcom teamed up for more Anarchy Online Trial goodness. If you wanted to give Alien Invasion a try, here is your chance.

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Saturday, October 23. 2004

Monster Bash Halloween Party

Posted by Marian 'Fyrn' R. for the Official News Department (01:26) [#290]

Prepare your costume, and join the fun! The Anarchy Monster Bash party will be held in the Reet's Retreat, October 28th. Starting at 4pm EDT, 9pm GMT on Rimor and 9pm EDT, or 2am of the 29th GMT on Atlantean.

Check the official forums or Gridstream for more info.
Wednesday, September 01. 2004

Our Alien Invasion Special

Posted by Marian 'Fyrn' R. for the AO Hell News Department (18:05) [#289]
We will be running an Alien Invasion Special on our Hub Magazine for one week, be sure to check it out and maybe win a nice pack of AI loot :)

We also give away Leet Keys, in case you didn't Pre-Order.
Monday, August 30. 2004

GridStream L33t Contest

Posted by Marian 'Fyrn' R. for the Community News Department (12:24) Read More... | [#288]
Didn't Pre-Order Alien Invasion? Well, shame on you then! But GridStream Productions are giving you a chance to get your very own L33T anyway. They will be giving away 3 keys for Luxurary Jobe Apartments and L33t Pets in a contest.

The deadline listed is noon GMT, apparently today, which would be in 30 minutes. They might have forgotten to put in an appropriate date though, and you might be lucky, so hop on and enter.

Update: The deadline is Wednesday, Sept. 1st (AI Launch Day)

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Friday, August 27. 2004

14 Day Trial just in time before Alien Invasion

Posted by Marian 'Fyrn' R. for the Community News Department (08:23) [#287]
Just in time before the launch of Alien Invasion, MMORPG.com is giving everyone the opportunity to try Anarchy Online for 14 Days, and the option to subscribe without having to buy the Client. If you plan on playing Alien Invasion, take this chance.
Monday, August 16. 2004

Council of Truth billboards

Posted by 'Sallust' for the Community Event News Department (03:58) [#284]
The Council of Truth is looking to for Clan Artisans to show off their skills. The Council of Truth is in negotiations with contractors to hopefully rent advertising space. However, the Council of Truth needs adds for these billboards. If you want to create a potential advertisement for the Council of Truth to be viewed throughout Rubi-Ka please do so in a 640 x 480 high resolution format.

All entries can be submitted to billboards@counciloftruth.org

"Keep it clean and remember that some scaling on the final product will be necessary."
Tuesday, August 10. 2004

Anarchy Online - Alien Invasion has gone gold!

Posted by Marian 'Fyrn' R. for the Official News Department (15:01) Read More... | [#283]
This is indeed good news! Alien Invasion has gone Gold today. This has been announced in todays Anarchy Online Newsletter and in a seperate Press Release, read on for the full story. And hope to see you all around, helping to save us from the Aliens.

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Wednesday, August 04. 2004

Alien Invasion transmission #6

Posted by M. 'Suely' Pfänner for the Official News Department (05:09) [#281]
Alien Invasion transmission #6
The latest Alien Invasion transmission over at RPG Vault features some more information on the improved newbie experience being brought in with the upcoming expansion:

Read the full transmission over at RPG Vault.

AO Vault AI Beta Giveaway!

Posted by M. 'Suely' Pfänner for the Community News Department (05:02) Read More... | [#280]
IGN's Anarchy Online Vault now also has their very own Alien Invasion Beta Contest. Another 100 accounts for grabbing in case you didn't have any luck with our contest or elsewhere.

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Invasion and AO Fan Gathering at DragonCon

Posted by Marian 'Fyrn' R. for the Community News Department (04:33) Read More... | [#279]
Funcom will be present at this years DragonCon! If you can attend this great convention, please stop by the Funcom Booths 305 and 307 in the Marriott Marquis and make plans to stay for the DragonCon AO Fan gathering! Read on for more information.

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