The Key to the Garden of Roch
  Through Elysium and into the third zone of Shadowlands, get your Unredeemed multipass
Right here!
  The Key to Shere's Sanctuary
  The gold-card access to the unredeemed facilities in Elysium, and a nifty trinket to boot.
Guide here!
Some weekend activity
17.07.04 Site Update by Ellusion
More garden madness! Getting where you want to be in a timely fashion, was hell when the Shadowlands first launched. It's a little bit easier now, and the garden quests are rolling out. And hey, they actually work now =)

Have a nice weekend, and grab the key to Roch's Garden in Scheol while you're at it!
Never dead, just resting
12.07.04 Site Update by Ellusion
Funny thing about AO, you keep coming back and back again, over and over. Not that I've been away from AO for a while other than quick breaks here and there - just busy with work and RL, and not much spare time left on top of also playing.

But hey, it's been nearly 2 years since I created this site, and it's still visited by several thousand players daily, even through the ups and downs and dormant periods - and that's also the reason why it pains me so to see it dormant. I really wish I could keep up with daily updates and ph4tl3wt for everyone, but for the time being it has to be on a "when it's done" basis.

So, easing you all into the shock of an update, here's a light little SL quest long overdue, the Key to Shere's Sanctuary.

Why is it...
21.07.04 Rant by Ellusion
...that every time I get that warm fuzzy feeling about AO for a longer period, that it's now a great mmog with tons of content, a good balance and even a bright and shining future in upcoming expansions... they fuck it up?

The newest addition to customer service fiascos that is the new 15.5.5 patch can't be described in any other words. Here you have thousands and thousands of players that have thoroughly examined the proposed changes and almost *everyone* have voiced their opinions and suggestions in a balanced and well though-out manner, through the official forums, e-mails to Funcom, other AO related forums - to point out the absurdity of the changes and offer suggestions on how it can be properly done.

See that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling again - the overwhelming community that rise to occasion to let Funcom know what we think. Other companies and their mmog's must be green with envy. And thus the atrocity here, is that all that feedback, all those customers caring for their product, are met with a concrete wall of ignorance.

My thoughts go out to all the customers who had their game severely stunted, the MP's that was nuked back to the stoneage, the Soldiers who was stripped of all their damage, and every other customer who got their characters and money/time spent so wrecked by this. I certainly feel your despair in being ignored and so blatantly brushed aside, and just wish there was anything I could do.