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Art Contest Winner!!!- [May 3rd  '04]

 Congo rats to "Ferretns"  who won the banner art contest. For his effors, Ferretns picked up a pair of Inferno boots, a 202 Omni Turn Spirit and 25mil credits not to mention thats his banner at the top of your screen..   To see the other entries you can visit the forum post <HERE>.

Thank you to all those who took part. Hope you had fun.


Art Contest- [April 17th '04]

 Being the sorry excuse for the artist I am, I am going to start a contest.  As you may have noticed I haven't  changed the Title Banner in quite some time.  I've kept it until now, even though its ugly, because it was small on space.  Now that I have more space I'd like a better one, and since I havn't really given anythng away in a while, I figured I'd run a contest to give the soldier community something to do :)   Thusly, this contest.  For the next two weeks I'll be accepting new title banners created by players and the one I like best will be used from now on as well as the winner given a prize :)

- I am the judge, jury and executioner. My decision is final.  I may change rules when I see fit.
- I am free to use all entrants' art as I want for the website.
- Contest runs for 2 weeks.  No submissions will be taken after 11:59pm May 1st
- Participant must play soldiers as one of their mains. (No people who log on soldier soccasionally for a few min because they are bored)
- So far I only have prizes for RK-1: Atlantian participants. This may change though, so still feel free to enter if your on RK-2. At the very least your banner will be used for the site.
- The current banner's size is 780*100. All entrants' banners MUST be 780 pixels wide, however height is changable. *Note* Within reason, remember this has to fit nicely on all differenty types of monitor resolutions.  If its a bit too tall I'll cut it down a bit, but if its HUGE I just won't pick it.
- Banners must include the phrase "AO Soldiers" or "Anarchy-Online Soldiers".
- Banners can be in any picture format you want, but I will probably change to .jpg
- You can enter as many times as you want, but the banners must be of your own work.
- Banners will be judged on looks, file size (if animated), quality, etc, etc
- Please mail all entries to Ryu1313@aol.com. Please be sure to include your character's name and dimention. If you are sending multiple/large submissions in one email, please zip them.

This is a list of all the current prizes being awarded to the winner. I will start of with a single item, and for every new person (not banner) who enter's the contest I will add an additional prize either in the form of credits or some soldier-specific item like a Turn Spirit or Artillery Implants or stuff along that nature. So get all your soldier friends to enter as well :) So far prizes are only for the overall winner. But depending on what gets sent in I will award additional prizes. So if you have some other non-banner art that could be useful send it in as well.
- Total People Who Have Entered So Far:   3

Prize list
- Inferno Boots
- 202 Omni TS
- 10 million Credits

Thats all for now.  I'll let you know if anything changes. So get to work and tell your friends.


15.5 Updates- [April 16h '04]

 Sorry for the delay. Normally I'd have things ready to go for a patch day and I said I'd have the site done by last weekend, but i've been real busy IRL and in game they keep dragging me off for Tier2 raids :P

Nothing too special this time around. Just general patch updates, item adds, that sort of stuff. Look Forward to a new contest soon.


- Updated the SL Asault Rifle Guide to unclude new sources of Turn Spirits
-Fixed Stats for the Artillery Symbs to match the new ones.
- Updated Gaijin's Skill Req Guide and changed it into a .html page.
- Added a few more location on where to find things.
- Added the following weapons to the Gun Rack to bring it up to patch 15.5.  (Massive Bolt Charger, Mortig Blaster, Perennium Blaster, Blinded Blackbird.)
- Added a Guide for creating Perennium Blasters to the Briefing Room


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