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July 08, 2003
Inner Sanctum Guide up

Posted a guide by CuriousGeorge about Inner Sanctum on the Guides section.

Check it out>>

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April 01, 2003
Shadowlands Download on Fileplanet

230mb Shadowlands movie posted on Fileplanet.

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March 25, 2003
Rebbeca bids us fairwell

One of our Bureaucrat professionals has bid us fairwell today in a thread on the official forums.
So long all

See you around Rebbeca. Thanks again for pushing for improvements to the profession.

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March 13, 2003
Preliminary Patch Notes v.14.8

CamMAs get un-nerfed in PvP to an extent, you can't sit while casting, they're doing something about blackholing at login, and they're making the missions harder yet again.

People are leveling... We should add proximity mines, cameras and gun turrets to try and help keep from moving so quickly through missions.


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Gaute Godager on Anarchy Online: Shadowlands

Funcom Game Director, Gaute Godager, talks Shadowlands, the first official expansion pack to Anarchy Online on Check it out HERE. Crats got a small mention with Gaute saying, "No one will rival the bureaucrat in crowd-control."

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Online House of Commons Developer Chat

House of commons chat was posted on Stratics about Shadowlands. Check it out HERE.

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